Walker Jumonville Story

Walker James Jumonville, born December 14, 2013, was diagnosed with SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) when he was a couple weeks old. SCID is often more commonly known as the “bubble boy” disease. SCID is a life threatening genetic defect that leaves a child with no working immune system to fight any infections. Walker’s SCID diagnosis is very rare, but with early detection through Newborn Screening, SCID is curable. Walker went thru about 10 days of chemotherapy, before receiving a lifesaving Bone Marrow Transplant when he was 3 months old. We lived quarantined for 15 months, while his donor cells grew into a functioning immune system. He experienced a few post-transplant setbacks, but is thriving and meeting all developmental milestones. Walker is currently 18 months old and 15 months post-transplant. He is not currently taking any medicine and has received all of his first year immunizations. We have all hope that he will continue to lead a normal, happy, and active life.

Testimonial from Nicole Locastro

Bone Marrow Transplant patient for SCID diagnosis on Walker Jumonville

My son Walker’s Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) diagnosis is so rare that we don’t really register on anyone’s charitable organization radar or fall into anyone’s support groups. Transplants for Children (TFC) was the only organization that reached out to us while we were inpatient at Methodist Children’s Hospital, while we waited for Walker to receive a lifesaving Bone Marrow Transplant. TFC continued to check up on us throughout our 5 month stay in the hospital and offered us some financial support once we returned home. More valuable than the financial assistance we received was the emotional support to join their support group, to meet other families living with the same stress as we were experiencing. We continue to participate in TFC events with the intention of helping out other families that struggle throughout the transplant process.

Walker Jumonville
Walker Jumonville