What We Do

TFC Touches Lives with Behind-The-Scenes Assistance

TFC is dedicated to helping young organ and tissue transplant recipients and their families as they work to effectively cope with the emotional, financial and social challenges associated with the transplant process. We serve Bexar County and the surrounding counties within a 100-mile radius.

Ages include:

  • Infants (0-5) – 16%
  • Children (6-13) – 78%
  • Young Adults (14-18) – 27%
  • Early Adulthood (19 – 25) – 31%

Ethnicities include:

  • African-American – 7%
  • Asian-American – 1%
  • Caucasian – 17%
  • Hispanic/Latino – 67%
  • Other/multiple – 8%

As a community resource, we provide individual and family support through our programs, our referral network and direct client services. This includes:

  • Financial support: Many TFC families are under, or uninsured. They may be unable to find additional resources because of a confusing medical maze, living far from medical services, and/or language barriers. We help them navigate the financial process and provide emergency funds for medications, co-pays and more.
  • Emotional support: The extreme stress families endure is ongoing. Statistics show that this type of stress can serve as a catalyst toward clinical depression, loss of employment and divorce. Our referral network includes qualified counselors to help recipients and their families work through issues and create a healthy family environment.
  • Social support: Transplant recipients must balance normal adolescent growing pains with the demands of a complex, chronic condition. They face hurdles like social isolation, falling behind in their class work and low self-esteem. They must also be disciplined in their ongoing medical care and daily use of anti-rejection medications. TFC provides critical services to help these youngsters acclimate back into school while focusing on staying medically compliant and healthy.

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