Kronkosky Foundation Challenge

Through the generosity of the Kronkosky Foundation, Transplants for Children has been given an opportunity to participate in a Grant Matching Challenge.

Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar until we reach the goal of $50,000 and will double the impact of the critical support needed for these children and their families to travel the journey of transplantation.

With your gift and this match grant this critical support will help keep children alive and families together!

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Transplants for Children: Your Silent Partners Throughout the Transplant Process

Protecting their children from harm is a goal of all parents. Parents go to extreme lengths to protect their children from harm, every day. Imagine being told that your child needs an organ or tissue transplant to live. The choices you have are limited. The information you must learn seems daunting. Decisions must be made quickly. The decisions you must make are decisions that you never in your wildest dreams, thought you would ever have to make. It is life changing news that almost no parent is prepared to receive. There is no guide, procedure manual or handbook on what to do when your child needs a transplant.

To say that this process is difficult for parents, children and their families is an understatement. The whole family is affected from the moment the parents receive the news that their child will need a lifesaving transplant, to the moment a match becomes available and then life beyond the transplant. That’s where Transplants for Children (TFC) comes in. TFC was created to “be there” when families need a place to turn for help. We are the only provider of support services for transplantation children and their families in Bexar County and the surrounding area.

For more than 30 years TFC has served as a community resource, empowering families as they navigate the challenges of pediatric transplantation. We offer support services and family programs and support services to help children and their families live fulfilling lives before, during and after the transplant.

Contact us today to discuss ways we can support you and your family throughout the entire transplant process. We look forward to hearing from you.

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